Minggu, 15 Januari 2017

Cara Merawat Kucing Persia Medium dan Lainnya Terbaru 2017

Cara Merawat Kucing Persia Medium dan Lainnya Terbaru 2017 -Don t be tempted by duplexes or houses that have more than one entrance hole. Except for purple martins, cavity nesting birds prefer not to share a house. While these condos look great in your yard, starlings and house sparrows are inclined to use them. Where you put your bird house is as important as its design and construction. Cavity nesting birds are very particular about where they live. If you don t have the right habitat, the birds are not likely to find the house. You can modify your land to attract the birds Cara Merawat Kucing Persia Medium dan Lainnya Terbaru 2017 you want to see by putting out a bird bath, planting fruit bearing shrubs, including more trees or installing a pond with a waterfall. Don t put bird houses near bird feeders. Houses mounted on metal poles are less vulnerable to predators than houses nailed to tree trunks or hung from tree limbs. Use no more than four small nest boxes or one large box per acre for any one species. Don t put more than one box in a tree unless the tree is extremely large or the boxes are for different species. If you have very hot Cara Merawat Kucing Persia summers, face the entrance holes of your boxes north or east to avoid overheating the box. You can also attract some unique species of birds by simply landscaping your yard to attract birds. LANDSCAPING FOR BIRDS As people learn to enjoy the beauty of birds around their home,

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